Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery AL, to Mrs. Montgomery

Together Again”

I recently shared in a rare occasion with my sister, a visit! We enjoyed 7 days together, filling as much time as we could with laughter. She soaked up life in Vega and moments with friends. While enjoying this time together, we were constantly aware of the ticking clock, narrowing down our joy.

Attempting to capture every moment together, my camera seemed attached to me. From the moment Maggie's plane arrived, to the moment it departed, I was clicking away. Memories were captured everyday, throughout the day. In her absence, her photographs keep me company. I can stare into a picture and recall the time it was taken.

Much of our visit was spent on The Montgomery Ranch. Maggie is a gracious model and I took full advantage of this. With permission, we ventured out, offroading in my luxury SUV, to discover the perfect canvas to paint her picture on. Along the way, we encountered a few gates to be opened. We became especially acquainted with one particular barbed wire gate: The Biter! Maggie has opened more than her fair share of gates in her life. It took both of us, each time we went through it, to close this gate. Maggie fell victim to its claws each time. It would either bite her finger or grab and pull her hair. Babies screamed and cattle scattered as she yelled out in shock and pain. Naturally, I stood back and laughed at each occurrence!

We also shared in a couple of picnics. As I age, time becomes more and more precious and just being with the ones I love is a joy. My favorite picnic was on the grounds of the courthouse. God blessed us with a beautiful day and the shade made a peaceful air conditioner. Charlie once again respected the boundaries of the mat and we found joy in his energy. We shared our food, our drinks and this wonderful moment together. We laid there, taking in each second, begging time to just stop for a while.

Maggie and I have been connected her whole life and the majority of mine. I loved her before she was born. During her time of living with me, she too, fell in love with Vega. She developed many friendships and Christ's Community Fellowship Church nurtured her relationship with our Lord. For a moment in time, she was home again. She was loved on, laughed at, and adored. My heart hurts with her so far away, but in the fine print of a picture, we are together again.

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maggs said...

awwwww :( i had the most wonderful time on my visit! and i havent quite been the same since :( i miss yall and Vega o so much! what a blessing it was to be back "home" for a bit! Keep praying for me and my journey, things are looking good so far and i couldnt be more excited :)