Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Award!!

Can I get a "whoop whoop!!!" I am so excited to receive an award! My friend, Courtney, over at Beautiful Mess, gave this beauty to me. I'm a little proud of it! Check out her heel and leg. The rules of this award are that I list 10 things that I love.

1. I love my Lord and Savior. Without Him, I would not exist, nor would any of us. Without Him, I would not have this wonderful life that He has given me. He blessed me with a great family who loves me more as the years go by. I love His love and promises. I love the security I have in Him.

2. I love my hubby. He is a great man. God knew just what He was doing when He paired us up. Seth is a great balance for me. Together, we create a great union. I look forward to growing our life and legacy together. I cherish the moment when I am old, gray and wrinkly and can tell my children's children how we met and loved through the years, passing on blessings to our generations to follow.

3. I love my Charlie. He has given us untold joy since the day he was born. He has made our bond stronger and our days so much fun! We absolutely love being his parents. Everyday we wake up so happy to have him our lives.

4. I love my family. They have supported and nurtured me since I became theirs. I love that they visit regularly. I love how they give all they can to make life easier for me.

5. I love my church. A loving church is so important. God's heart breaks over churches that don't adequately represent Him. I think of all the damage that is done when people misrepresent our Lord. He is love. We belong to a great, loving, embracing church. It's members represent Jesus in the flesh. They live their lives by example.

6. I love my dog! I am growing to love Elvis too. Concho has been great company for me his whole life. He has taken a back seat since I met Seth, but he remains faithful and I feel very secure with him. I know he will be a great buddy for Charlie.

7. I love my country! I love the men and women who fought and continue to fight for her. Now more than ever, she and her liberties are under attack. There are those that hate her and wish to see her destroyed. I do not understand why they continue to live here. If you don't believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, LEAVE!

8. I love Talk Radio. I receive great education from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Sure, Rush has his moments of great arrogance, but there is wisdom in his words. Sean is touring the country with his Freedom Concerts that are life changing and PRO AMERICA and the men, women, and families that continue to defend her. I am very grateful to individuals that believe in our constitution and are fighting to preserve its rights. I think Americans would be outraged at the current events in Washington if they were educated. Our main stream media is of the left and produces news only from the left. What a shame!

9. I love Roasters! I love the chocolate decadance. It consists of milk, cocoa, ice, and a shot of expresso. I have tried many a time to recreate this delight at home, but have failed. I received a gift card there for my birthday!

10. I love Reba!!! The tv series that is! I mean, I love this show! I have seen every episode at least 5 times. I became addicted when I was home on maternity leave. You can see this program on Lifetime. Her usual airing time is M-F 5:00-8:00. I recieved ALL 6 seasons for my birthday! I am way happy about this! My hubby bought all seasons except for season 3 and Laurie pulled it in with season 3! My tv watching is complete! I could watch this show all day long, everyday! I love REBA!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You are such a cute little thing! Love reading your "loves."


ModernMom said...

Loved reading through your list of loves! You have an adorable blog:)

dstack said...

What a wonderful window into my daughters soul! Oh how I love her AND Who's she is and who she's becoming! How exciting it is to check this blog and get to see this part of her life! Internet - a simply wonderful creation!