Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alabama Accent
From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

“A Cord of Three Strands”

Being a new Mommy, I have become very familiar with the phrase, “learn as you go.” During my pregnancy, I fretted over being prepared. I wondered if I was equipped to care for another human being. Though I often received words of reassurance from my husband, I remained nervous about my abilities.

When Charlie arrived, Seth excelled. I thought I must be the luckiest woman alive to have him. I never even changed a diaper until we returned home. He seemed to just know how to do everything. The words of advice given proved to be true: those maternal instincts did kick in. Along with Seth, I seemed to just know what to do.

Seth and I bless our little one with our own giftings. For example, I find it important to wash his clothes regularly, and take pride in dressing him. Seth on the other hand, would have at least 50 white onesies for Charlie, completing his wardrobe. We often laugh about “dressing time.” Seth is able to care for Charlie and meet all of his necessities. He can feed him, bathe him, and change him. However, when it's “dressing time” he needs my help. This is Mommy's area. If it were up to Daddy, Charlie would have two outfits: a diaper being one and a white onesie being the other. Thank God He designed the family as a unit!

As hard as it is to believe, our little one is almost one! Learning as I go, I have been researching and planning for this big event. Seth will fulfill his duty of being where he is supposed to be and doing what he is told. A task, I might add, he has requested. We give of our talents to enhance our bond. We are a young family, loving this stage in life. We view everyday as a blessing and pray for the chance to endure. Our favorite place to be is together and our favorite thing to hear is each other. We love being a cord of three strands!

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maggs said...

this is sweet! and i love the title and the way u tied it in at the end! Great Job Sisi :)