Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The morning of...

Waking up!

The sky crying!

Playing with Daddy!

His faithful chair.

Playing with balloons.

My sweet thing!

Enjoying toys.

On his favorite stool.

Watching Mommy post his sign.

Happy Birthday at the Montgomery home!

"See, even the sky is crying." I told Seth while walking into the living room. "It's sad too that Charlie is turning one." "I'm not!" he said with a big smile on his face. "I'm ready to play with him!" There lies the difference between men and women. What a great combination we make. Seth called about 5 times this morning to check on me and make sure I was o.k. It didn't help that when I dropped Charlie off at the nanny's he clung to me and cried. Like I do every morning I work, I prayed my way back to the car and prayed that God would ease his little heart.
Charlie has been on a roll hear lately waking up at 0630 or even worse: 0600! I stumble to his room, hold him for a bit then put him in his swing and turn cartoons on. We can get at least 30 more minutes of sleep, a precious commodity. This morning was no exception. He woke up at 0645. Being so worn out from all the recent excitement, I left him in his swing for a while. Once he was good and awake, I walked in with my camera. Shortly after, Daddy came in to play with him before leaving for work. Then, Charlie assumed the position in his faithful chair for his big pics. After that, he played with his birthday balloons and a present he received. Then, he sat on his favorite stool and crawled to the door to watch Mommy post his Happy Birthday sign in the yard. Happy Birthday Bunchkin!

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Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

He has had a ball hasn't he? Time passes too quickly and lo and behold they are toddlers and then off to school like my eldest!
Love Collette xxx