Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alabama Accent
From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

“Bring it on!”

From the time I moved to Vega I heard about Round Up. My face lit up as I listened to story upon story describing this great tradition. It was if I was a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive. I was so excited to experience another Vega event!

My dog, Concho, and I made our way to watch the parade. I didn't know very many people then and Concho made a great conversation piece. I remember identifying people I had seen on Popularity Contest. This was one of my favorite things to do when I first moved here! Standing in line to receive lunch, I was in awe of all the food. One group of people came together to prepare food for the entire county. I leaned over from my place in line to witness Vega citizens serving others. The air was filled with sounds of greetings from happy people. Everyone adorned a smile on their face.

With a plate in my hand, I sought out a piece of land on the courtyard square. One nice family after another allowed me to spend time with them. Veterans of Round Up shared secrets like where the drinks and good desserts could be found. That year we had a petting zoo and I fell in love with a baby monkey and tiger. I was not allowed to have either one of them, despite my best efforts. The closest I could get was a picture.

Later that day, Concho and I attended the softball game. That is when everyone anywhere near the softball field became acquainted with me and Concho. Concho spotted a rabbit. Like a proud parent, I was eager to show off my obedient child. I learned that day that children seek to make liars out of their parents in public. For some strange reason, I decided to let him have some fun chasing the rabbit. After all, he would come right back to me when I called. I began to call his name with no results. The louder I screamed the farther away he ran. In a moments notice, I managed to interrupt the softball game by madly running and screaming for my dog. He blissfully ran to the south side of the field where a group of people were grilling out. Thank God for the smell of their food! He was distracted long enough for me to grab him and the both of us ran home with our tail tucked between our legs.

I was brave enough to take Concho out yet again to the team roping. He made many friends that day and was given a turkey leg to feast on. Anyone who is nice to my dog is a friend of mine. We returned home, satisfied from our first Round Up experience.

Last year, I braved Round Up while 9 months pregnant. I could barely walk to the square. This time when I found my piece of land, I stayed put. I waddled to the softball game, only to tell my husband I was going home to rest.

Round Up has made its way to Vega again! My family will be here to celebrate with us and Charlie will participate for the first time. With excitement mounting over this tradition I say, “bring it on!”

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maggs said...

o im so JEALOUS! i am so sad that i wont be able to experience Roundup this year :( but i know you will have a blast with your family and all the wonderful folks of vega. Charlie is going to enjoy this sooo much, especially if he is anything like me :) lol I cant wait to see all the pics u are going to take! Take tons and tons and even more. I wana look at em and feel like i was there