Thursday, August 13, 2009

Charlie's 1st shoes!

I've got new shoes!

I'm not sure about these things!

I like walking without them!

They slip between my other toes!

Grandma kept trying to fix them!

This story of these shoes was too cute. We were shopping in Target and Mom found these shoes. She was curious to see how Charlie would react to having them on. He was in the cart in the seat with a cover we have. He could barely see his feet between the leg holes. He wasn't sure what to think about them. He just looooked at them and then tried to sling them off! No matter his efforts, the shoes remained! The next morning, Mom took him on the patio to try walking in them. When she 1st put them on, he stood on his own for about 15 seconds before sitting down. Then, while outside, he tolerated them, but mostly wanted them off. They kept slipping between other toes too. As soon as we went inside, he figured out how to get them OFF!

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Debbie said...

It won't be any time before he's walking all over the place wearing those flops slap out!