Monday, August 17, 2009

Charlie's 1st Playhouse!

I can see you!

Hey, I have my own window!

I can close it!

I'm tucked inside!

Hey again!

During the process of installing our new dishwasher, my hubby came up with the brilliant idea to use the box as a playhouse for Charlie. This afternoon, I took that idea a little further adding a window and some toys. I think it was a hit!


Debbie said...

You could even paint it! With your imagination, no telling what cute ideas you'll come up with. He's just the cutest thing! Miss playing with him! :(

maggs said...

he looks like he is havin a good ole time...he such the explorer! I love the window he looks adorable peeking out at u! miss yall

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I remember when I was younger and I had cardboard boxes to play it -it was so much fun!