Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A political piece.

I wish that our media would release only the facts. I wish they would not have prejudice eyes. I wish they would fairly display both sides of issues at stake. I believe America is so misinformed. Does she know that our Congress wants to pass bills before they are complete, before they have been read, and before those that want them passed even know what they entail? Does she know that legislation that is going before our Congress goes before them in the dark hours of the night? If your agenda is good, why do you try to sneak it in? If what you have to offer is going to benefit America, why do you try to pull the wool over her eyes? Why did it take you 6 months to choose a dog for your family, yet you want to pass a bill in 13 days? Why are our town hall meetings now being staged? Why are union thugs and members of ACORN showing up to use violence. If the agenda you have is good, why are you running? Since when is asking legitimate questions about an issue "UN-American?" Aren't our soldiers fighting to defend these freedoms that we have? If we disagree with you, you label us mobsters, racists, and hate groups. You tell us to get out of the way, that you want to clean up this mess we created and you can't do this if we ask questions. When a cop responds to a call about a break in progress to a house that has a history of being broken into, you call him stupid. You tell us not to have any guns, that 911 will protect us, yet you scorn them at the first chance you get. You do not want us to arm ourselves, yet you are surrounded by weaponry. You want us to adopt a health care plan you yourself said you would not use for your family. You said you would bring our troops home, yet they have doubled in number since you have taken office. You proclaim to be a Christian, yet announced America as a muslim nation. You told us to pay attention to those you call your friends. We have. They are racists. They hate America. They are terrorists. They are radicals. They are self proclaimed communists. Have you researched your party's history? Do you know that they voted against Lincoln to free slaves? Do you know they voted for segregation even up into the 1960's? Do you know they were heavily tainted with members of the KKK? Even now, you have "ex"-Klansman serving in your party. Do you know Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act? If we agree with you, all is good. If we disagree, our livelihoods are threatened. Are we living in the land of the free?


Courtney Kirkland said...

I by far could NOT have written this post any better. These are my exact thoughts on the "President" that others (not myself) have elected. I don't understand why we claim to be a Free Nation when we get told how to live our lives, what we should think, and how we should act every single day. And how about our President sitting on the front lawn of the white house DRINKING BEER on camera as he ridiculed a Civilized Police Officer for doing his job? [this is a subject you do NOT want to broach with my husband]. Again, I couldn't agree more with this post. Amen :)

Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Hi Katy! Amen, Sister!! Very well put!

Thanks stopping by and visiting my little blog!! And you are right....we're practically neighbors!!

Amber said...

Very good insight. Couldn't have said it better myself. These are some scary times, for sure! Hope you have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
To answer your question about socialized does have some benefits, but overall the care is subject to a lot of red tape. There are LONG wait times for sugeries unless you are in very critical condition and even then, you might have to wait a while. One big problem is the government promises all these amazing services and programs and then runs out of money. I'm on the wait list for 2 government programs (provincial not federal) for my daughter and I imagine I will be waiting for a a few more years or so because the provincial government has run out of money. I used to live in Boston and I found the health care system I had at the time to be amazing. I even had foot surgery and it was so easy to book the date (wait time was a week vs 6 months or longer in Canada) BUT I had a job with the right kind of insurance, I'm the type to completely read my entire HMO policy and I spent a lot of time making sure I knew exactly which doctors to see and which hospitals to go so I wouldn't have to pay extra. I was also lucky because ALL the hospitals in Boston are extremely good (which might not be the case in another part of the country). At the time, my medical issues also fit perfectly into a nice insurance category so everything was covered. I know for a fact that if my daughter was born in the US, her medical issues would not be covered by a lot of health insurance providers -her condition would fall between the cracks because it is so rare...I am grateful for socialized medicine in that regard, although it is still very hard to advocate for certain services sometimes and even certain medical supplies are not covered by the government. The difference is, is at least I have a right to these services as a tax payer and if I complain enough we will get them. I honestly don't know how the US would sustain a socialized health care plan without the government going broke. My personal opinion is to have a hybrid system of both socialized and privatized care although this would be very tricky to put into effect.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Katy! What a fantastic post! You are obviously very passionate about this subject. I hadn't heard that said President had proclaimed the US a muslim?? nation? How bizarre! I don't follow US domestic politics greatly but I am interested and agree with much of what you have to say.
Love Collette xxxx

Kathryn said...

"My 1st thought was congratulations. I hope that this word will be used again very soon for you and your husband. My 2nd thought was to stop right then and pray. I prayed specifically that God would embrace you. I prayed that He would protect the life He has given to you and yours. I prayed that He would put angels of protection around yall during this time. I prayed that His hand would be guiding every medical person that came in contact with you. I know this must be so scary for yall. Just know that we care about yall and support you. We are praying for good news, but also pray for comfort in the rain."

Thank you so much for your comment, and your thoughts and prayers. It really means so much to me! You are a real encouragement! :)

Kathryn said...

"Soooo frustrating! That makes me so angry at their health care system! Our military should be getting top of the line care, not all that run around! Another stomp on nationalizing health care. O.K. Now I feel a little better having gotten all of that out. First off, I'm so sorry for yall. I'm sorry that it happened and I'm sorry about the way it happened. What agony! Finally, yall have closure and can find resolution. I have found that part of life's greatest struggle is having to go on with unanswered questions. Sounds like you have a gem of a man and I'm so glad he was able to be with you during all of this. My prayers stay with you."

Thank you so much again for your comment. I agree with everything you said, and it really is ridiculous and sad. I don't think that was the usual, at least I hope not. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, it really means a lot!

Anonymous said...

Do you know Al Gore's dad voted against DeSegregation? My son read Animal Farm two years ago. We're going to go over the book again and talk about how current it is:

You might enjoy my post:

Wonderful Post! I think you sound very educated and informed, unlike what the press says people like you sound like-LOL--or should I cry:)