Friday, May 1, 2009

Sucking on the stool!

Patting my toy on the stool!

Patting on the stool!

Raking my teeth on the stool!

Sucking on the stool!

Charlie had lots of fun with our stool yesterday. He loved tapping on it and tapping his toy on it, but his favorite thing to do was suck on it. He would bite it, then rake his teeth on it, then he would begin sucking on it. I'm not sure if the best part was the way it felt or the sound it made! Nonetheless, he enjoyed himself!


dstack said...

Gosh he's changing! He just seems to mature over night! He's just so handsome!

maggs said...

He rly seems to be getting used to you constanly snapping pics of him and his adventures! I wish i could be there to witness fun and cute lil things like this! :(