Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's Fred!

Maggie, I just wanted to let you see Fred. Remember when you brought him home? I said, "I am going to be the one that has to take care of him." You thought he would be dead by the time you left! That's been some time ago! I change his water about once a week and feed him 8 pebbles a day. Yes, you have to use distilled water. Tap water will kill them! I guess we are going on 2 years now. He has quite the personality. When I am at the sink, he will swim over to look at me. When I put my finger up to the glass he blows up and enjoys engaging in a game of chase!

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maggs said...

o sisi i rly enjoyed this post! thanks :) he is so colorful and pretty! I remeber when i bought him, u werent the i also remember that i told lindsey and katy and megan that i got a "boyfriend"! lol they were so excited about meetin him or at least until i started describing him! lol thanks for taking care of Fred! and thanks for puttin up with me all those months! i know i was a handful and Seths nicknmae for me fit me well at the time LOL