Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Day Together!

The happy couple getting ready to leave.

A quick pose with our baby!

Seth loves Mountain Dew! We stocked up!

Bike shopping!

Some gracious friends of ours agreed to keep Charlie for us so we could enjoy a day together. We had such a wonderful time. We always enjoy just being together. Seth planned our day again and surprised me! I LOVE surprises! I asked for a bicycle for Mother's Day. I also wanted a deal to carry Charlie in. Seth thought it would be safer to have a deal that hooked up to the bike for Charlie to ride in rather than an extra seat. That way if I happen to fall, he will only roll to the side rather than being dumped over. It is a two seater and Elvis can ride with him too. (That won't go over well with Concho.) So, our first stop was bike shopping. After several stores, I found my fav at Walmart. Than, we stopped at Barnes Jewelers. We walked in and a ton of women surrounded one area of cases. They were having an Orbis show. This is the jewelry that has little balls, or Orbs, that you can change out in your ring. They also have necklaces and earrings. I picked out a ring. The starter set came with 6 Orbs and I chose three more! Seth was my hero. I had to squirm in and out to get to the cases to be able to see the rings and the Orbs. He paid attention to the Orbs that I liked and was able to locate them again when I made up my mind. Several women were so impressed with his kindness and participation, they allowed him to interrupt their shopping and assisted him with obtaining my Orbs! This show only comes to Amarillo for Christmas and Mother's Day. That surprise ROCKED! We finished our evening with a wonderful seafood dinner together. Thank you, honey, for such a memorable 1st anniversary. I love you more!

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dstack said...

I love you more - hmmmmm the tradition carries on. What sweet memories. It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by. Sooooo much has happened! We've all been so blessed by your union. I want each year to be sweeter than the one before for you two. You work great together and I'm so happy God put you together. Love you both - Mom