Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

Just What I needed.”

I remember my first Mother's Day in Vega. I attended Christ's Community Fellowship for the first time. I was nervous to walk in alone, but was soon greeted by some very nice people. Conversation filled the air as we learned about each other. Tim and Holly Spiva soon approached me. They were celebrating Holly that day. What a cause for celebration! After church concluded, they scooped me up and carried me right along with them to Holly's restaurant of choice, Abuelos. They were even so kind as to ask if I preferred to eat somewhere else. After being separated from family for so long, their company warmed my heart. I'm pretty sure I talked the whole way there and back. I remember telling them that my mom was going to be so happy to know that I was not alone on Mother's Day.

This year, I will celebrate my first Mother's Day. What a precious time in life this is! After years of praying, I was given a son. I hold him close and tell him that I will always protect him. I tell him that I will always be here for him. I tell him that I am his safe place. I think about how much he needs me and how I am able to meet his needs. I hope I will always know just what he needs.

My journey into motherhood is just beginning. I can only imagine what lies ahead. As I age, one thing has become more and more prevalent. One never outgrows needing their mother! My mother has raised me, watched me leave and is now watching me become a mother. Somehow, she has always known just what I needed. Great mothers have that “magic.” They can heal a wound with a kiss and they can discipline with a look. For years I have wondered where their “magic” came from.

Living in Vega, I am in the presence of some great mothers. Their arms extend beyond their own children and embrace others. They excel at meeting needs. Happy Mother's Day ladies! We love celebrating you. By the way, Mom, thank you for always knowing just what I needed.


dstack said...

Oh Katy! Thank you SO much for sharing your heart, for you are truly mine. Now you know what "mothers intuition" is all about, since yours is beginning to tune in to your own child. It's a wonderful journey that just keeps on giving. Thank you for this lovely, heartfelt present. The only other thing that would make this day perfect is being together. Happy Mother's Day my Love!

maggs said...

awww :) this is sweet :) ur very good at these! I know everyone loves em just as much as I do!