Thursday, May 7, 2009

The new diaper change!

OMG! Charlie is so active now! He refuses to stay on his back long enough for me to change his diaper! As soon as I lay him on the changing table, he flips over! I put him back on his back and before I can open the diaper, he's back on his stomach!!! I have to hold him down with my arm near his neck with my elbow on his chest. This does not make him happy. When I get the diaper on him, I have to use one hand on his stomach while I secure the side so he doesn't turn back over! It's become quite the challenge! We have hanging characters that play music just above his head, but he still prefers to turn over and smile so big at me! I'm opened to suggestions here!

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dstack said...

I think you need to start changing him in his bed. That way at least he won't flip off on the floor. You might try playing some kind of musical toy ONLY while you're changing his diaper. That may hold his interest also. Oh this is only the beginning Sweetie Pie.