Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Morning!

Charlie is on all fours when I go into get him in the mornings. I sat him close to the bed rail and he pulled up to stand. I had to assist him with readjusting his feet for more stability. I decided to rearrange the nursery. I kept him in his bed like this when I was moving it and I placed it facing the mirror on the closet door. All of a sudden he lit up and went to laughing and bouncing! He found himself in the mirror. Although it was a funny moment, I decided not to leave the room like that. I did break to take a moment to play with him and take pics.


dstack said...

Miss the days of that sweet head popping up? Just wait! Won't be long til your head pops up and there he'll be - just staring you in the face smiling a great big ole smile!

maggs said...

AWWWW too cuteeee! O i see the pic holder susu gave yall..i hope u enjoy it, it thought it was the neatest lil thing...but i didnt c any pics on Charlies..whats up w that?