Saturday, May 9, 2009

The new rig!

We had so much fun today! Seth slipped off and surprised me with my new rig! I was so excited to see a PINK bike! Getting on that thing was like getting on one for the first time. Seth had to run behind me for a few seconds. Once I was off, I got the hang of it. Stopping and starting are still a little tricky! The strapping in of Charlie presented us with a challenge. His little "trailer" isn't designed for comfort. We hadn't made it around the block when he started whimpering. Seth figured out that using the outside straps would give him a little more room and he was much happier. Look out Vega-here we come! (Seriously-look out for us and swerve wide!)


dstack said...

Yeah! How good is that?! How much fun it's going to be! Kudos to Seth - once again! Love that man!

maggs said...

hehehe! I laughed and laughed at seth "extreme biking" on a PINK bike! o bahahaha :P this is cute and sis,i bet its another great way for u and charlie to bond! You could hook charlie's buggy up to conho and elvis! LOL that would be a new way to do horse and carraige LOL