Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charlie's first swim!

With Grandma before the big swim!

The water is a little too cool at first!

Splashing is fun!

I love my float!

I love to reach!

Away I go!

Just chillin'!

The pool opened Saturday! We were so excited that Grandma was here for another first! Aunt Melissa bought this cute float that Charlie just LOVED! Soon, it was the envy of many kids! He figured out how to use the float as a walker and away he went! Charlie loved that water and we all had a great time together!


Brady Blog said...

These are great pictures! So glad he enjoyed his 1st swim!

maggs said...

awwwwwww! this is adorable! i bet he was scootin all over the pool! the floaty is presh! what a rig! he is such a happy boy! btw i miss yall so much it hurts :(