Saturday, May 9, 2009

National Day of Prayer!

As yall know, Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. Charlie and I packed up and walked over to our church, where several of us gathered around the cross to pray at 1200. We started our "service" by listening to a song. I was most struck by the lyrics, "We are saving trees and killing children." After we listened to that song, we took a few moments to pray out to God. I felt especially close to Him that day. I knew at the moment I was praying, God was hearing me. It was almost as if He was telling what to pray as well. I have really been struggling with fear about our nation and what kind of nation Charlie will grow up in. Now, more than ever, our Christian values are under attack. I fear that in the very near future, Christians will be the center of persecution more so than any of us in our country have ever known. Somehow, God calmed me Thursday. He reminded me that no matter what lies ahead, He knows about it. I know that the coming of Jesus is near. I know that I will go with Him on that day. I know that my family will go with him on that day. My heart has been in a state of sadness due to the decline of morals and morality we face today. On Thursday, I was reminded that my hope lies in Jesus. I am only a visitor here anyway. Outside of the heartbreak of watching evil becoming more and more prevelant, I can relax because I am spoken for. One day, all the evil-doers will receive justice and my family and I will go home.

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maggs said...

wow, this brought tears to my eyes but it is so calming and wonderful to know that we are Children of God and we are taken care of!