Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally, Reslution!

Charlie enjoyed pushing the bumper with his feet while I tied the bows!

My bow!

Corner view. I was able to tie the corners like the catalog.

Frontal view!

Notice Charlie's little foot?

I have been unhappy with the ties on Charlie's bedding since we got it. I have toyed with ways to make them look good or seemingly unnoticeable. I recently looked through the catalog again and attempted to tie them the way they have it. Not being the designer they hired, I was not as successful as the picture looked. I previously saw the bow tie on the girls bedding and frowned upon doing Charlie's that way for obvious reasons. Then, I began to think. Who is the nursery for? Charlie would be just fine sleeping on a blanket on the floor. Does he even know what his bedding looks like? Much less care about how the bumper is tied on. After much ado, I resolved to tying the ties in bows. I am very happy with my labor! Finally, a resolution!


dstack said...

That looks great Kate! Only 3 more days!!!!

maggs said...

well i love the bows and im shure Charlie does too :)