Friday, May 8, 2009

Laundry Legends.

I have used these products to wash Charlie's clothes in. I remember when I was pregnant doing load after load of clothes preparing for my little one. I just loved the way they smelled. I would smell them again just before I dressed him. I purchased the fabric softener and dryer sheets, but second guessed myself. I asked my doctor if they would be o.k. to use. She laughed and said they were just fine. She recalled being the same way for her first child. She said when her second child arrived, they put his clothes in with everyone else's. Seth and I have decided that when we run out of these products, we will use our detergent for Charlie as well. I will miss their sweet smells that remind me of preparing for my little one.


dstack said...

It's the memories that make things in life a "once in a lifetime" experience. You're so smart to cherish this one and only happening in your life my Sweet. But don't worry, the next one who comes along will give you plenty of firsts too!

dstack said...

Yes life is SO very different there than it is here, but it's good out there too. You'll just have to plant even more trees!