Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy 9 Months Charlie!

Wow! Charlie has really sprouted this month! My baby has turned into a little monkey! He grabs, turns, pulls, ooches, and bounces like crazy! He loves his jumparoo and walker. Yesterday we had to adjust his jumparoo to level two. He bounces like mad in that thing! He loves lights and sounds. He loves his Daddy. When his Daddy comes home, Charlie waves his arms up and down with delight. When Seth leaves to wash his hands, Charlie cries until he comes back to hold him! He loves to scream and talk to himself. His newest thing is to bang on his tummy while saying "ahhh." He will mimmick Mommy and Daddy doing this. He loves to say "ahhh" when riding down a dirt road or in his new rig. He loves to stand. He is trying his best to pull up on things, but hasn't quite mastered that yet. He still loves bath time. He is getting better and better at floating. He likes to mimmick sounds that Mommy and Daddy makes, but has not been able to say Ma Ma yet. He says Da Da all the time. I think that is his favorite word! He loves being around people and smiles a lot. He is really good at letting you know when he doesn't like something too. He loves being outside and playing with da boys. He is a great eater. He remains on breastmilk and has graduated to stage 3 baby food. He loves exploring new food. He eats Cheerios now and samples some of Mommy and Daddy's food. He loves to drink water out of a big cup. He doesn't care for it out of a bottle. He remains a good sleeper. Very seldom he will wake up in the wee hours of the morning, but a little honey on his binky will put him right back to sleep. He loves discovering what all his little body can do. He is really good at ooching backwards across the floor. He loves reaching for things. He also loves to see if everything can fit in his mouth! He loves rolling over to his tummy and sitting up. He has two teeth. His hair is growing more. In fact, I had to brush it for these pics! He has become really affectionate too!!! He's always been a snuggler, but is becomming more strong at doing so. We just LOVE that :) He is so much fun for us and we just love being with him. Thank you Lord for giving us this child!


dstack said...

Oh what a growing boy! Every day I long to be able to put my arms around you all. He's just getting so big and doing all these new things and I wish I was there for them ALL. Happy 9 "Little Man".

maggs said...

wow he is so dang handsome! Mommy and daddy's lil prince charming! he is growing and growing and growing, before we know it he will be driving! LOL That outfit is just ADORABLE! his hair is gorgous! HAPPY 9 MONTHS CHARLIE! eye love you very very much:) and miss ya even more every day!