Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

What's for Supper?”

Almost every night, my husband and I ask ourselves, “What's for supper?” We look at each other, shrug our shoulders and ask, “What do you want?” Then, we take turns making suggestions. Recently, this routine has lead us to Taylor's Vega Market.

I have coined Vega “Home of the Good People.” This is proven true in incidences like going to the market. On the short ride to the market, we wonder who we will see. We enter the store and find friends. Some are employees, others are shoppers and still others are family. We visit about what we're shopping for. I might even obtain a short cooking lesson. We visit about the weather and if we should stock up for the expected blizzard. We become educated on what all is going on in the lives of Vega citizens. My husband and I are allowed a few moments of shopping time alone as our son is held and admired by others. As we stroll down the aisles gathering our goods, I am full of smiles. For my husband, this is another day in Vega. For me, it's something to write home about.


dstack said...

I continue to be amazed by your talents Kate! Another great article! 14 more days!!!!!

maggs said...

i used to hit up the grocery store for lunch while a senior at VHS! me and lindsey loved the quarter coke machine and pepporoni, i cant tell ya how many days we stocked up on mjunk food from there. And we were oftern late to our next class becuz we would get to talkin to everyone in the store LOL