Friday, May 22, 2009

Charlie loves chocolate!

The flash was getting to him!

Well....he's definitely my son! I have found a way to make very low fat chocolate milkshakes. I have been sharing with Charlie and had to capture these pics. This was after I cleaned him. He HATES being cleaned!


KittyCat said...

Katy, just wanna let you know I do keep reading your blog~
Charlie is so cute!! I love chocolate too!!! so glad to know you have a great family :)

dstack said...

Look at those two front teeth! I'll bet more are coming in! I'll have to take a close look Thurs.

maggs said...

aww yep before long he will be addicted to those lil square garidellia choclate thingy too! just like his momma! i remeber that i was even scared to open that drawer in the fridge cuz i knew u would kill me if i even looked at em! LOL