Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

When I think about our anniversary, these things come to mind.

This is our wedding invitation. This day last year was a very joyous occasion!

Today Seth and I celebrate one year of marriage! We are so excited to be married. This year has been such a blessing to both of us. We felt so special at church today. When we walked in, a couple immediately acknowledged our day. Several others overheard and congratulated us as well. During the announcements, we were featured as well. We beamed as everyone smiled to celebrate with us. I love my church. I am convinced that only sweet people are there! Thank you CCF for making us feel so special so often!


maggs said...

O wow! It seems like just yesterday that ur house was full of flowers and half written treat baggies and engagement pics layed across the kitchen table! I remember the night that yall got engaged. Me and you were on our nway back from amarillo and we had been discussing when we thought it was coming! And boy Seth shocked us both! We for sum reason went that night over to Quincys and bam! it was there that it happened, with peaches and all! What a special moment it was! I am so glad i got to be there for that! I love yall both so much, and i couldnt have picked a better person for you! lol lil sis knows best! LOL :) I could not be happier for yall! And i wish yall many more happy years to come! CONGRATS!

Brady Blog said...

Happy Anniversary!
Enjoyed looking at the pictures of your fun day together! Enjoy your bike. I know pics will be in the near future!