Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first Mother's Day!

I had such a wonderful day today. After visiting Seth's mom and church, we headed to be with Seth's family in Amarillo. We ate and ate! When we returned home, we finished our landscaping. I will post pics later. The front flower bed is completely finished, mulch and all!! Our lilac tree is moved and my vine fencing is done! I am way excited! We planted a lot of plants. My husband had a draining week with finals and being on call, which meant he was out late every night last week. He was looking forward to relaxing over the weekend when I popped out of bed Saturday morning ready to go to the greenhouse. He spent all weekend digging holes, planting shrubs and vines, laying mulch, driving posts into the ground, stretching wire, watering, putting our new rig together, riding the new rig, strapping in Charlie, and listening to me change my mind 100 times! WHAT A MAN!

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maggs said...

Hang in there Seth! as u probably know by now...she doesnt come w an instruction manual! thats the tricky part ;) lol jk i love my sisi! I remember when we went had Thanksgiving w Seth's fam in A town, they were so welcoming and loving, and thise rolls were the BOMB! LOL o and Seth i know ur probably alrdy done w ur finals by now but good luck! Im goin threw the same thing :( blah they r sooo much work! and completely time comsuming! Sisi I hope u had a wonderful 1st mothers day! Im sp roud of u and all ur acomplishments! U are a wonderful MOTHER, SISTER, DAUGHTER, WIFE,and FRIEND! I love u so much! Happy Mother's Day :)