Sunday, December 27, 2009


A pretty view!
Our crew!

Me and my honey!

We spent some time snowmobiling through the San Juan National Forest! It was breathtakingly beautiful! My favorite part was up close and personal with the trees through narrow paths made for the smowmobiles. I was suprised at how rough the ride was at times. I guess I figured the snow would always blanket us, but that wasn't the case! Although given the chance, I preffered NOT to drive. The thing had a MAJOR tendency to pull and I just wasn't up for fighting on vacation, know what I mean? So, I kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed the fruits of my hubby's labors! We almost flipped a couple of times, but our "leaning skills" kept us grounded! Oh, another fun fact: the snowmobiles had warmers in the hand controls! Who knew? Sure could have used butt warmers too!

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