Monday, December 28, 2009

Sending warm and cozy thoughts!

I just love Christmas so. Every year I am SO excited for its arrival and SO sad for its departure. I am one of those people that continue to listen to CDs when the Christmas music is no longer played on the radio. I leave my lights and tree up until sometime after New Years. I continue to burn apple cinnamon scented candles for the next couple of months. My sister will be coming sometime in February to relocate to Texas! I am so excited about this. She always loves to see my decortations, so I vowed to leave them up, lights and all, until her arrival. Our Christmas Spirit lives on!

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maggs said...

aw i just loved this :) look at his lil footies, so presh! im digging those socks charlie, im gona have to get me a pair just like em :) lol what a nice fire place.. i bet yall will sure miss that! Thank you so much for leavin the decor up for me... i know it doesnt bother u a bit :) i just cant wait to see it all! it will be like Christmas Day all over again! WOO HOO :D