Friday, December 18, 2009

Combining days of the advent!

I love the way this box feels!

I got my own tambourine!

Holding as many of Daddy's Sixlets as I can!

I love soft stuff!

Humpty Dumpty Hallmark ornament!

He's fun to play with too!

Checking out a movie Daddy got!

Fascinated with coasters Mommy got!

Tired of all the pictures Mommy takes!

He's soft, I have to love on him!

I have to love on him some more!

Looking through Daddy's Sudoku books!

I love Mr. Giggles!

Unwrapping Daddy's present for him!

What is in this box?

Whoa, it's over my head!

Playing with the reindeer treat pail!

Walking in this shirt is a little tricky! War Eagle!

Here are my reindeer treats for my reindeer treat pail! I can't wait to feed some reindeer!!!

With the rapid pace of getting the last minute stuff done, I have put off blogging. We are leaving early in the morning for CO, so I wanted to post these. The advent has been so fun this year! Aunt Melissa and her elves (I know it is not humanly possible to do EVERYTHING she has done for us on her own! She HAS to have an army of elves!) have done such a great job with the presents! Charlie has had a blast opening presents and playing with his surprises! We love you Aunt Melissa and thank you SO much for all you do for us! The good news: she's here now and we can enjoy the rest of advent in each others presence!!!


LeAnna said...

These were just too cute. I love the pic of the two of them intently studying that ornament! My boys are much the same! Looks like you guys have been having a great time, I've really enjoyed your pics!

maggs said...

thanks for posting these before u left, i really enjoyed them :)I miss yall even more now knowing that ur farther and farther away from me :( but....
i cant wait to see all the pics!!!!! Charlie is so affectionate in these pics! Looks like yall got some great stuff in your calendar.. well love you MWAH! and MERRY CHRISTMAS