Monday, December 28, 2009

Adventures in Snowmobiling!

Aunt Melissa driving!

Getting unstuck. Look how deep the snow is!

Hanging out for a while. How about that background?

Daddy and Uncle Heath playing, that never stopped, EVER! Boys will be boys!

A close up of me! Don't I look like Hanibal Lecter? Uncle Heath took this shot, he was fond of my camera and kept shooting until I grabbed it back.
We spent at least two hours snowmobiling. In this one tricky spot, Aunt Melissa and Big Daddy got stuck. The guides warned us to stay on the trail, but in this case, Aunt Melissa and Big Daddy had to step off. Step off is what they did! Not only did the snowmobile have to get rescued, but so did Aunt Melissa. She found herself up to her waist in snow! Another guy flipped his machine in this same spot, so our guides were getting their safety on after this. Aunt Melissa was redirected to ride with Uncle Heath. During the course of their ride she screamed, "This is like a roller coaster ride!" That was my favorite quote from this excursion!

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