Thursday, December 10, 2009

More presents!

What is it Daddy?

Look at that belly!

I love opening the present!

I can carry it around!

It's fun to hit myself!

I'm going everywhere with these things!

I like hitting Daddy too!

We spent a lot of time laughing together last night! Charlie was on a roll from sticking his belly out to hitting Daddy with the sponge brushes. Thank you Aunt Melissa!


Debbie said...

My goodness! I was shocked when I saw that "buda" belly sticking out there! That is just too funny! I'm glad yall are having such a great time every day. Isn't Christmas just awsome?!!!!

love lives in the kitchen said...

how cute he is! and what a belly ;)

maggs said...

whew look at that whittle pot belly! that belly is takin after stack daddy's! hehe lol

btw..poor seth! he takes soooo much lol what a wonderful dad he IS!!!