Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at home.

Aunt Melissa and Charlie peeking under the tree! This is a tradition in our family. Usually it's me looking under her tree!

Charlie points out his favorite picture on the calendar page.

A very special present for all of us!

A neat frame for Daddy. You should've seen his face when he pulled out just the hand from the box! It took us all a minute to figure out what it was!

A great toy plane for Charlie. He loves playing with this. The propeller spins and lights up!

A precious antique rocking chair for Charlie!

A rocking horse that moves his head, neighs and plays a galloping tune!

Charlie's turn in the peanuts!

Sorry Elvis, but we just had to do this to you!

We thought it wise to celebrate Christmas prior to leaving for CO. Hauling ALL that stuff would just be too much! We gathered at our house for the celebration as most of the gifts were for Charlie (of course)! We had a blast opening gifts and watching Charlie play with his. Santa came early and treated us right good!

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Debbie said...

What wonderful memories! It all went by so fast while we were "in those moments" last week and you don't realize how precious they really were til you get back home and want it all back desperately!