Monday, December 28, 2009

The Polar Express!

All of the Montgomery men messin' with gadgets!

Waiting to see the Polar Express!

There she is, lettin' off some steam!

Singing Christmas carols!

Getting a visit and a bell from Santa! Look at my hubby! Isn't he a great Daddy?

Mommy, you're taking too many pictures!

Uncle Heath is NOT into this, but he came anyway!

Tuckered out!

Havin' a blast making my mark on the cold window!

If anyone is EVER near Durango, CO during Christmas, I HIGHLY recommend this attraction! The Durango Silverton Train in itself is famous and worth the trip, but this was AWESOME! We gathered around along the train for a show prior to boarding. Once aboard, we were served hot chocolate, cookies, read the Polar Express, sang Christmas carols and had our golden tickets stamped, all on our way to the North Pole where Santa boarded! This may have been my favorite part of the whole trip! What a BLAST!


LeAnna said...

How fun! My former boss always ranted and raved about that train ride. They never went at Christmas, but went when the trees were turning in the fall. He said it's gorgeous! We spent our 2nd anniversary in Lake City, CO. It was awesome!

Debbie said...

What a fun and magical time that ride was! Was so much fun watching the kids faces when Santa came thru! Wonderful memories!

maggs said...

HOW NEAT! def jealous about this! I cant even imagine how amazing that would be! this is def something that yall can always remember!