Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playing in the snow!

Turning him loose!

He needs a little help getting stabilized in his "Michelin Man" outfit!

Ready to sit!
Checking it all out!

Looks like he likes it!

Playing in the snow is fun!

Wearing gloves was NOT his thing!

A success!
We spent Christmas in the mountains this year. We combined our families, borrowed a surburban and headed to Pagosa Springs, CO. This town receives the most snow in the whole state of CO. We were very pleased with that fun fact! We were so excited to see so much snow! Our first mission was to see what Charlie thought about it. He was very interested, but did NOT like wearing gloves. He shook those things off the first chance he got! His outfit even came with a button to hold the gloves on the sleeves, but that little button was NO match! Once Charlie got the hang of maneuvering in his "Michelin Man" outfit, he was good to go! He walked like a zombie for a while, then took off!

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