Monday, December 28, 2009

Doin' some sleddin'!

Walking to the slope!

Geared up for some fun!

A test run with Daddy!
Aunt Melissa's turn!

Me and my ladies!

On our way to the bottom!

Hitchin' a ride back to the top!

All done!
Sledding was a BLAST! I have to be honest and say that at first, I was scared. It was a long way down to the bottom of that hill! Once I gave it a go, I kept going back! Of course I had hubby in tow. I had to have a safety switch in case it all went bad.


maggs said...

how fun! yall look like the michelin tire man hehe:) but i bet yall were all warm and cozy!

Debbie said...

This was about my fav. Great fun, cept truckin back up the hill. But we did it over and over again. Great memories!