Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What? In the United States of America?

I arose cheerful this morning, thanking God for my wonderful family and my wonderful job. I live 30+ miles from my workplace and spend 1/2 of my day in the car. During my drive time, I listen to Talk Radio. This is my source of education, as our liberal media, withholds whatever news will not benefit them. Glen Beck comes on from 0800-1100. He is an Independent. He has exposed truths and corruption in both the Democratic and Republican parties. He is a Conservative. I was particularly disgusted by current news today. A journalist and an independent film maker posed as a prostitute and a pimp and sought advice from members of ACORN. ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now. They have been inolved in numerous other corruption charges such as voter regristration fraud. They serve lower class communities and assist them with voter registration (ironic, right?). ACORN is funded by OUR tax dollars. They have received $53 million (suspected over $100 million) in tax money and are up to gain several BILLION from the "stimulus package." Now that is all very important because as this "pimp" and "prostitute" visited 4 ACORN offices across the nation, they gave each office the same scenario: they were looking to start their own business of a private prostitution ring consisting of thirteen 12-14 year old girls from El Salvador. If I had not seen the footage myself, I absolutely would not believe this happened in the USA. As they gave their "business" plans to each office they were given advice on how to hide their money so they would not have to pay taxes and how to claim funding from the government and housing from ACORN. All paid for by you and me! I should also add that the "pimp" in each case, told each worker that he wanted to hide the money from this lucrative business because he wanted to run for Congress in the future!!! Not a single worker blinked an eye as they told them they were wanting to pimp out 12-14 year old girls!!!! Not only did they not blink an eye, but they told them how to claim them as dependents and receive child tax credits!!!! One worker went so far as to tell them to tell the girls to keep their mouths shut, to perform their work and to not ask any questions!! Can you believe that? I am STUNNED, I tell you, STUNNED! So, learning this last night, all ACORN employees identified were fired and the Senate voted a whopping 83-7 to stop federal funding to ACORN!!! ACORN's response to this: our money comes from private donations anyway, this loss will not hurt us!! You can view, one of the videos here. In this video, the worker's name is Teresa. She actually ADMITS TO KILLING HER HUSBAND!!! She said he was abusive. O.k. so, you killed him in self defense? Well, not exactly. In her words, they were arguing and she shot him. She admitted that he was not abusing her at that time. (I totally get shooting someone in self defense, especially an abusive partner. In these cases all too many times, it comes down to you or them.) The kicker here is that she said: I laid the "groundwork" by visiting the local domestic violence shelter so the town would know that he was abusing me. That part sounds a little tricky to me. She also admitted to running an escort service herself. I am just baffled at this. So, leading reporters Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos "did not know anything" about this breakthrough story!! Don't you think the American people deserve to know how their tax dollars are being spent? Don't you think the American public would be outraged to know that their money was being spent to start child prostition rings? Why is our media NOT REPORTING THIS???? I must say here that Fox News is covering this story. This leads me to our said leader. Is he commenting on this? No. Let's remember here that in the 80's he was an attorney for ACORN and TRAINED THEIR WORKERS!!! He has admitted to being very involved with ACORN and has said that the Chicago chapter is very active. He is very attached to ACORN. Is this why our media is not covering this? This is simply a truth issue. This happened, it is on tape. It is illegal. It is not about this or that party. It is about exposing evil. Should this organization be allowed to continue to exist?


Debbie said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you!

Jill said...

I know!!! I have been blown away by all this. All be it that if I didn't watch the Fox News channel, I wouldn't have known anything about it. It's almost unbelievable. Praise the Lord for people like AL's senator, Jeff Sessions who is calling for an investigation!

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love lives in the kitchen said...

Dear Katy,
thank you for your beautiful comment and I'm so glad that you are my first follower! so happy also to discover your very interesting blog!
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