Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Supper time!

We have started using Charlie's own plate for supper time. I didn't capture any pics of his 1st meal in his plate. Can you believe that? His 1st meal was: tilapia, broccoli, and corn. He loved it. Here, he is eating green beans and tater tots. As you can see, he loved the tater tots! He is so fond of the green beans that I was surprised at how much he "went" for the tater tots! He loves to feed himself. We have to be careful sometimes becasue he will put everything on the tray in his mouth before swallowing! He just keeps packing it in! Other times, he savors the flavors and takes his time!

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Debbie said...

Gosh! My little man has grown SO much in the past 6 weeks. Only 5 more days and I get to see yall! How good is that?!