Saturday, September 5, 2009

Political Piece

As you grow to know me, you will learn that I am very passionate about values. I am a Conservative and support small government. I am a fan of President Reagan and long for his type of leadership to return to our country. I think the love of money is the root of evil. More and more, we see politicians compromise their values and those they represent for a price. I am in complete disgust over our current White House Administration. I firmly believe we are witnessing the foundation being laid to destroy our country. I don't think Obama will go away in 4 years. I think he is building his regime and will return to take power. Don't believe me? Check out Van Jones! He is just ONE person Obama has appointment to advise him. For more on this story visit Glen Beck. America needs to take action NOW to prevent the devastation that is being plotted against her. If we sit back like lame ducks, we will find ourselves waking up one day wondering how America changed so. We will wonder where our freedoms went and how this all happened right before our very eyes. I love America AND her freedoms. I don't think Obama should be allowed to go into our schools and push his own agenda upon our children. I don't think we need a civilian military (like Hitler's) that is just as strong and well funded as our national military. I don't even think we need a civilian military. Two militaries within a country will cause great division. Want more protection within our country? How about beefing up our police? I think having a civilian military that answers only to one person (Obama) is VERY dangerous. Under the name Americorps it is happening. They were recently given 1/2 trillion dollars to pursue this agenda.
Are you wondering what you can do to represent your core values? Are you learning more and more about current politics that makes your stomach curl? I have a website that will bring you some relief and give you a place to show your support of Faith, Family and Country. Visit and GET INVOLVED!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I think it is great how passionate you are about the running of your country! I wish more people were like this in the UK. Politics is so dry over here.
Love Collette xxx

monica said...

Hey girl! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this post... Obviously there is more than just our love for photography that we have in common. :)