Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playing with Daddy!

I'm watching Daddy play!

I have my own mouse!

I can play like Daddy!

If you know Seth, you know he is a gamer. He loves playing this one game here. I don't know the name of it, something with "war" in it. He puts on these funny looking headphones and talks to other people, from around the world, that are playing this game. This game used to consume the majority of his time. I am so proud of him for making room for other things in his life like me and Charlie. This game is a HUGE hobby of his.


maggs said...

O MY GOODNESS! Seth is a WOW fan? ahhhhhhh Sisi u gotta stop the maddness before it gets too bad! LOL Brandon was a World of Warcraft fan and whew he was addicted! Everyone i know that plays is badly horribly attached to that game! I tried to play and was bored to death and kept running into things! Im horrible at it!

dstack said...

Kudos to Seth! No one can say he doesn't have his priorities straight! Love you "son-in-law"!