Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 8 Months Charlie!


Charlie is 8 months already! He remains on breastmilk and baby food. He eats cereal in the morning and baby food for the other two meals. In addition to his meal times, he receives a liquid feeding at 4:00. He continues to LOVE breastmilk. After he has nursed, he will consume an additional 5-6 oz, then eat his baby food. He is a good eater! We are proud of that. He remains a happy baby. His personality continues to develop. He LOVES attention. He makes friends where ever we go. I think his stategy is to stare at them until they look at him, then he gives them a BIG smile and they fall in love. He is sitting up very well. He continues to love to stand. He is able to stand on his own if he can lean back against something. He loves to bounce. Even when we pick him up, he bounces in the air with his legs. He has not crawled yet, but is getting closer. He is able to get his butt high off the ground and his chest high off the ground, but he hasn't figured out how to get is belly off the ground. He gets high centered and kicks his legs and moves his arms. His little hands stay so busy. He is always moving them. He loves to have his feet in his mouth. He also loves to bend over and put his feet in his mouth when he is sitting up. He continues to love bath time and splashes really big. He remains a good sleeper. He takes a short nap in the mornings and a longer one in the afternoons. He sleeps about 10 hours at night and is ALWAYS in a good mood in the mornings. He says Da Da pretty regular. We are still working on Ma Ma. He loves to scream, babble, giggle and laugh. He has two teeth that have scratched the surface. He loves ice, pickles and lemons. He remains such a joy and we LOVE being his parents. Thank you Lord for your continued guidance. We love our Charlie!

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maggs said...

awww isnt he something! He def knows its his day! He is cuttin up! I rly rly enjoyed these pics! o how i wish i could be there, even for just a sec. I wana give him a big hug and tons of kisses! I love yall and miss yall bunchies!