Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Cute Outfit!

This outfit was given to us by Seth's cousin, Michelle. We inherited so many cute clothes from them. I just love the collar on this. It is my favorite part. I like the little blue buttons too. They both have Ralph Lauren initials on them. This is the outfit he wore to church today, complete with no shoes. His cute little feet were a big hit. We are off to the county barn to eat some Mexican food to support the band. Gotta love small town living!


dstack said...

Boy I could hardly wait to get home this evening and see what's been happening out in TX!! Charlie looks so mature in the outfit he wore to church today! He's such a cutie!

maggs said...

O i miss Vega so much, and CCF! I bet Charlie was a huge hit with his presh lil bare feet!