Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Visit!

We always love visits from the family. We have so much fun together. This visit was especially nice. The night before the fam arrived, I was baking cookies to go into their Easter basket. I heard this terrible noise coming from the kitchen. It was our oven blowing up! I wish I had taken a pic of the range. It was born in the 50s. It had a lot of character and cooked many a good meal. We live in an old farm house that was gutted and remodeled. The range stayed with the house. The house was built in the 30s. Once upon a time, the range was top notch. Because of its age, we could not replace any of the parts. So, Mom, Aunt Melissa and Big Daddy bought us a new range for our 1st anniversary! It is our first appliance together. We searched all over town and Lowes had the lowest price-just like their commercial. Big Daddy and Seth installed the range, hood and exhaust fan. We did not have an exhaust fan before and I am SO proud to have one. In addition to our range, hood and exhaust fan, Charlie has a new wardrobe, plenty of diapers and our cabinets are stocked again. You never outgrow your family! At 30, I still love being the baby girl! Thanks, yall, for taking such good care of us. We love you and miss you!

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dstack said...

You are SO welcome! It's always such a pleasure being with yall and so easy to just give, give and give!