Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun with the Engle's

We go to Seth's maternal grandparent's-Papa and Barbara's house for Thanksgiving. This year was a BIG year. There were lots of family members there! I did not think to take pictures of other people :( We enjoyed feasting on lots of good food and desserts. We brought green bean casserole and a new corn recipe that our Nanny gave us. I enjoyed my favorite - honey baked ham. My favorite dessert was sopapia cheesecake. Barbara is a FANTASTIC cook and she makes these wonderful rolls. I think she said she made 78! I ate 3! She also makes her own whipped cream! Those that know me know I love whipped cream. It is a tradition at Thanksgiving for all to play a game of Chicken Foot. This is a Domino game. It was a nice feeling to have a house full. Some were playing Chicken Foot, some were wathcing football and others were visiting. It was wonderful to be with my new family. They enjoyed holding Charlie and I was proud that he was good for them.
The first two pictures are us at home just before we left.

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