Friday, November 7, 2008

I see myself!

Today, Charlie saw himself in the mirror. He has done this once before, but today he was very animated. He was wearing the puppy dog hat. We were going to go for a stroll, but the TX wind was blowing too much. He is not a fan of wearing hats. He cries when I put them on and if I touch the hat to rearrange it, he CRIES (just ask the people at Walmart)! After I put the puppy dog hat on him, we passed by our mirror in the living room. He saw himself! He studied himself for awhile, then gave a look of disapproval. It was the cutest thing. I tried not to laugh-I wanted to respect his feelings. He looked and looked and looked at himself. I wished so badly that I could somehow photographically capture that moment. It's so fun to witness his personality develop.

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