Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 3 Months Charlie!

Charlie is growing so much and we are having so much fun with him! He is entering a really fun stage. At three months he is smiling the size of his face! He is cooing. He makes "G" sounds mostly when he coos. He gurgles some. He is really beginning to drool. He blows bubbles. He is moving his tongue a lot. He has discovered his hands and spends a lot of time looking at them and putting them in his mouth. Sometimes when he is nursing he will stop and put his hand in his mouth! I know then that he is about finished. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and smile. He stays wide eyed a lot, discovering the world around him. He has developed "sweet cheeks" that are perfect for kissing. His neck is hard to find! He has those chubby legs, arms and wrists. He now likes to have his diaper changed. He is really active on the diaper changing station. He likes his swing and bouncer. He likes to look at the mobile on the swing and he likes to be able to kick and bounce in his bouncer. Plus, in his bouncer, he is able to follow Mommy and Daddy around and watch them complete different tasks. He likes his tummy time station. He loves looking at lights and ceiling fans. He is developing into his routine and Mommy knows why he is crying when he cries. He loves time with Daddy when he gets home. They have a special bond that started when we first brought Charlie home. Seth is more innovative than I am. I stick to the routine and conventional way of doing things and Seth takes time to see what works specifically for Charlie. Seth will sit on the couch and prop his feet on the coffee table, elevating his thighs and knees. He will place Charlie on his thighs. Charlie is at the perfect angle to look around and to look at Daddy. Seth discovered that if Charlie is crying, he can put him in this position and hold his hands and he will calm down. I could do a whole post on ways that Seth has found to comfort Charlie. Charlie also likes to sit up. He especially likes to sit beside or on us. He is a happy baby and loves being loved. I absolutely love the mornings when I get him for his first feeding. I go to the bassinet and there he is, smiling up at me with his hands at his mouth. He sees me and starts moving his legs and arms. Then, he just keeps smiling so big. Some people have coffee, I have Charlie! We are so proud to have Charlie and LOVE being his parents every single day!!!

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Brady Blog said...

Happy 3 months, Charlie! You look so cute in your outfit! You mommy is doing such a great job of posting pictures of you. It is so fun watching you grow!