Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Evening with the Montgomery's

We went to Seth's cousin's - Kirk and Kay Montgomery - for supper. Kirk and Kay live in Vega and have two children - Ross and Michelle. Ross and his wife - Wendy- live in Vega. They have 5 children. Michelle and her husband - Joey- live in Lubbock (They are moving to Vega in January!) They have 2 children. Gentry is their oldest and she is holding Charlie. She did so good holding him! He really liked her and I have video of her smiling and playing with Charlie and he is giving her his BEST efforts to giggle! It is SO cute! Kirk and Kay had SHRIMP for Thanksgiving. I graciously finished off what was left of that for them :) I also enjoyed a Pumpkin Roll Kay made for dessert. She also made her own whipped cream and guess what? I enjoyed a heaping spoon full of that as well! Marrying in to a BIG family is SO fun!

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