Saturday, October 3, 2009

Present from Aunt May May!

She even painted the box!

She drew on each piece of paper she used for packing! I love that :)

My sis is very talented. She shares our grandmother's love of painting. Our grandmother is a SUPER talented artist. I have a piece she painted for me when I was a child that I absolutely ADORE! Well, I'll just have to show yall. I remember Maggie spending hours in Granny Welch's painting room when she was younger. She has finally decided to put some of that good ole, born with it talent to use. These are her 1st ever paintings! They are my birthday present. My birthday was July 30th-hence the note for it being so late. The good thing about being sisters: it doesn't matter if it's late. I'm just glad they made it. How could they not have in that precious packing?


Jill said...

Those are so cute! Tell Aunt May May she did a great job. Happy belated birthday!

Debbie said...

Wow! Mags has talent too! Can't wait to see where she goes with it!