Saturday, October 3, 2009


I must confess that I was EXTREMELY hesitant to put Charlie in daycare. However, our church runs the daycare here. A stream of events required that I put Charlie in the daycare. Our Praise and Worship leader works at our daycare and works in Charlie's class. This brought great comfort to me. Not only that fact, but also that our daycare director is a strong member of our church and her mother works in Charlie's class as well. That means that these three wonderful women of God spend all day with my child! Being new to daycare, I did not know that Charlie would be sent home with a progress report of sorts each day. On these notes is written the activities of the day and extra notes. This note here is my favorite. It notes: He has the sweetest spirit! My Mommy heart is swelled right now! I pray over and for my child daily and one of my prayers is that God will grow him into a man after His own heart. Looks like we're off to a good start! Other notes have said: he made such a cute smile, and was so sweet and cuddley as usual! I thank God for this daycare! We are in a competition of sorts for Charlie's spot, so please pray that he will be able to continue to stay there!!! We will know tomorrow!


Brooke said...

It's so nice to have your child in a wonderful daycare that you feel good about. I only looked at church based daycares for Hunter before I lucked up with an in home daycare with a christian caregiver!

Debbie said...

He's gonna get that spot! Just wait and see!