Friday, October 9, 2009

I love these overalls!

I had to get some pics of Charlie in this cute outfit! This brings me to the subject of shopping. Usually one ventures out to the department store to purchase clothes. Well, we venture out to the storage shed! I went shopping in our storage shed yesterday to bring in all of the 12-18mos clothes that were given to us. Just as I suspected, we will not have to shop anywhere else for needed items. I found jackets, vests, a host of long sleeve shirts, pants and outfits. I should add here that we will be needing some gloves/hats and socks. Other than that, we're set! Praise God for hand-me-downs!!!
P.S. If you're wondering what the big pile of stuff is in the pack n play, it's all of Charlie's baby items that he has outgrown. We are in the process of packing them back up for storage.


Mary Moss said...

I absolutely adore seeing kids in overalls! Such a beautiful child. You are truly blessed!

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VSH said...

Charlie is adorable in his overalls! I used to love to dress Kyle in them, too. Matt didn't like them much. I also liked the corderoy kind. Love looking at your blog from time to time, too.