Friday, October 30, 2009

A funny story.

I hope I am not the only Mom that has done this.
Charlie has so many toys that I find it difficult to know EVERYTHING that each one will do. I am not so much of an explorer. The hubs is. He has an engineering brain. He sees something and thinks, "How does that work." I don't do that. I see something and think, "Well, that's cool!" Pictured above is one of Charlie's favorite toys. He loves to take apart the rings and put the balls down the hole. This is not a new toy. When I clean the floors I put all of his toys in the Pack 'n Play. The other day I kept hearing this strange noise. Charlie was asleep and I didn't know where in the world this new noise was coming from. I narrowed it down to the Pack 'n Play and then to this toy. Much to my surprise, it plays different tunes each time a ball is dropped down! I tell the hubs this and he says, "Yeah, it has a switch for that and I turned it on last night." I had no idea. With the new music, Charlie loves this toy even more!

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Debbie said...

I'm glad he gets such pleasure out of the simple things. Let's hope it continues throughout his life. Remember when he first got it? He wouldn't even give it a 2nd look!