Saturday, October 3, 2009

More immunizations!

See where I got my shot?

I still love to pose for the camera!

Having fun on Mommy's pillows!

Last Friday, Charlie received more immunizations. He did so well, as usual. He only cried (kinda) for a second or two and then was over it. He also had his 1 year checkup. He is doing very well. He remains, overall, in the 50-75%. He weighs just over 22 lbs and is 31+ inches tall. I decided to let our hair down and play to celebrate this event. We don't have a headboard for our bed, well, if you don't count the pile of pillows. We have our pillows and a lovely wreath that serves as our headboard. Anyway....the pillows usually stay on the floor and Charlie loves to jump on them. After growing weary of jumping, he will stand on them and open the dresser drawers. He has so much fun delighting in simple treasures!

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Debbie said...

How very precious my baby is! Makes me long to hold him :(