Thursday, October 29, 2009

Decisionally Challenged
I am WAY excited about this Secret Santa Soiree! I just found out who my partner is and can't wait to go shopping, dress up the packages and send them on their way! I LOVE getting care packages! In efforts to boost the excitement and bring ease to all of us, we are requested to blog at least once a week so our SSS exchange partner can learn about us. I think it's so fun to know that someone out there is reading my blog, looking specifically for this post and reading away to grab ideas for presents! Did I mention that I LOVE getting care packages? We have the option of sending one gift or a series of them. Can you tell by now which I prefer? Here's another tidbit about me...I would love to stay on and blog more, but because I am a mom and my child is crying, I must go and meet his needs. His sweet, only Mommy knows how to meet needs. I am a blessed woman!

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